The Restoring Hope Foundation is pleased to announce that we have chosen the family for our 2019 renovation – The Laskowski family of Exeter Township!

Paul and Elizabeth Laskowski, with their six children, Hannah, 11; Blaise, 9; Maura, 8; Clare, 5; Dominic, 4 and Elijah, 2 are a wonderful, hardworking and joyful family. We are looking forward to renovating their home (our 9th Renovation) and welcoming them into the Restoring Hope Foundation Family. The renovation will start on the evening of September 5th, 2019 and we will be completed by September 13th, 2019. On Saturday, September 14th at 1pm we will bring the family back to see their home!

We want to thank the Exeter Fire Company, Exeter Police, Exeter Supervisors and Staff, and the St. Ignatius Church for helping us have their friends and family join us in announcing this exciting news and congratulating them.

Restoring Hope is able to do this important work through the generous donations of materials, labor and monetary donations of our loyal companies and helpers. Restoring Hope has no paid staff, everyone is a volunteer! Donations can be made through our website or facebook page.

Applications for our 2020 build can be downloaded now from our website and we encourage any working families with a special need to apply.